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From the desk of Josh Gattis,

One of the greatest honors ever bestowed upon me was my selection as the Broyles Award recipient following a special 2021 season at the University of Michigan. The award itself helped reconfirm what has always been my life’s calling – coaching and developing young men to be the very best versions of themselves, both on the football field and off. When he was honored with a lifetime achievement award in 2007, Coach Broyles sat on stage and shared a thought with Lee Corso that resonated deeply with me: “I’ve been blessed in so many ways. I’ve had a charmed life. I’ve had the only job I’ve ever wanted.”
But more than just its recognition of our team’s triumphs and the invaluable role every assistant coach plays in organizational success, the legacy of the Broyles Award means even more to me on a personal level, for reasons completely unrelated to X’s and O’s or offensive gameplanning.

The Broyles Award Annual Fund supports a different kind of game plan altogether – one for Alzheimer’s caregivers and their families at a most critical time of need. As the proud grandson of Martha Gattis – who tragically passed from Alzheimer’s in 2010, and someone who impacted my life in ways too numerous to count – my role in serving as a voice for the Broyles Award Annual Fund and to further the work of the Frank and Barbara Broyles Legacy Foundation means more to me than any personal acknowledgement or award ever could. I’ve seen the devastation, the grief and the stress every support system is put under following an Alzheimer’s diagnosis – and my heart aches for those dealing with the same tumult in their lives.

Coach Broyles’ life quickly turned from the gridiron to supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers following the passing of his beloved wife, Barbara, to the disease in 2004. Now in its 27th year, the Broyles Award continues to champion family members, support systems and individuals who uplift those affected by Alzheimer’s through the Broyles Award Annual Fund. Coach Broyles himself passed in 2017 to the same destructive disease, and his daughter and granddaughter – Betsy Broyles Arnold and Molly Harrell – have helped continue to push his legacy forward.

Today, I write you to ask that you consider a contribution to the Broyles Award Annual Fund. It is incumbent upon all of us to unite with a common goal of celebrating Coach Broyles, his outstanding legacy and his commitment to honoring assistant coaches in a game that has given us so much. Thank you for considering a donation today.

Josh Gattis
Offensive Coordinator, University of Miami
2021 Broyles Award Winner

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"Receiving the Broyles Award in 2018 will go down as one of the top honors that this family has and will ever receive. The recognition for the on-field accomplishments is just a small part of why this award is so special to us. Having our family's name tied to an organization that champions making an impact in the community is what makes the Broyles Award so special. The Broyles Foundation continues to make a meaningful impact in the world with their tireless efforts in Alzheimer’s caregiving. Coach Frank Broyles defined what being the ultimate humanitarian was. He earned the respect of everyone that he encountered and touched the lives of so many.”
Coach Mike Locksley
2018 Winner, Current Head Coach, Maryland

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Though terminal, Alzheimer’s is rarely a rapid disease, and many diagnoses last for the better part of a decade. In a care-giving situation, financial and personal planning must be viewed as a shift in lifestyle, not an emergency. Unfortunately, many caregivers cannot anticipate nor adequately prepare for the costs or stresses of being a caregiver. We’ve been there, and we can help create a Game Plan to navigate these crises.

Supporting our Annual Fund directly benefits the following caregiver-oriented programs, allowing us to create game plans at no cost to caregivers or their families.

Coach’s Playbook, 2nd Edition

This publication would provide updated caregiver strategies and new sections written by caregivers and healthcare experts, and would be available in an eBook format.
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Game Plan Programs

Our programs would expand online with new content available at no cost to caregivers. Additionally, our Game Plan Conferences allow us to directly connect with caregivers.
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financial planning is the largest source of long-term stress for caregivers

Over 5.8 million Americans over the age of 65 are living with Alzheimer’s, and the number is increasing rapidly. Every 65 seconds another person develops the disease in the United States. For most families, a dementia diagnosis is more than just a terminal illness: it is an abrupt end to a planned future for retirement and financial independence.

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Projected increases between 2020 and 2025 in Alzheimer's dementia prevalence by state.

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