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Being an Alzheimer’s caregiver means being prepared for anything, especially around the home. As the disease progresses, caregivers and their loved ones will spend more and more time at home, a location that can be difficult for both caregiver and loved one alike.

  • If caregiving takes place at the caregiver’s home, the location may not be familiar to the loved one. This can cause disorientation or frustration, so it is important to be patient and prepared.
  • If caregiving takes place at the loved one’s home, certain familiar experiences or activities may trigger uncomfortable moments for the loved one. Furthermore, the loved one may lose confidence if they are unable to complete daily tasks they’ve completed in the past.

In both cases, there are a few recommended steps that all caregivers take after the very first diagnosis, presented below in a printable checklist:

Home Safety Checklist

Furthermore, there are also items we recommend to keep on hand at all times, especially those which extend the independence and self-support capabilities of loved ones as long as possible:

  • Incontinence pads and adult disposable underwear.
  • Easy-open and clearly-labeled food storage containers.
  • Large-format wall and table clocks.
  • A shower stool or chair.
  • A toilet seat stabilizer bar or elevated seat.
  • A large-format medication organizer.
  • An electronic companion device, such as an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home.
  • Fun activities such as puzzles, wide-gauge safety knitting needles, audiobooks, or simple arts and crafts projects.

In addition, we recommend all products and services that are part of our Dementia Friendly Partners program.

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