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Game Plan for Caregivers is our vision of a unified collection of services and support tools for caregivers of those suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Through Game Plan, we hope to empower dementia caregivers and caregivers-to-be around the world.


We work with local and national businesses to curate a database of products and services that are certified dementia-friendly.


Using tools we provide, caregiving services and other providers are trained in up-to-date methods for providing care for those with dementia.

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Our resources are community-oriented, and evolve based on feedback from caregivers and service providers alike.

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Wherever you are in your caregiving journey, we're here to help make a plan.


Diagnosis, Acceptance, Advice


Learn how to identify early-onset dementia, and steps you can take to learn more about the disease.
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First Quarter

Basics, Initial Concerns, Core Methods

Starting Out

Learn how to manage a new Alzheimer's Dementia diagnosis.
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Second Quarter

Assistance, Transitions, Unexpected Changes


Find outside help or learn how to prepare for unexpected changes during the early Alzheimer's period.
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Self-Care, Support Groups, Relief

Best Care

Find ways to take care of yourself, or find support if you need assistance managing a healthy life balance.
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Third Quarter

Crisis Control, Hygiene, Complications


Learn how to manage crises, either for yourself or loved ones, and see the signs of worsening dementia before it happens.
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Fourth Quarter

Counseling, Palliative Care, Late-State Conditions


Learn how to cope with the stresses of dementia care-giving, and how to support family and loved ones dealing with end-stage Alzheimer's dementia.
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Bereavement, Long-Term Planning

Looking Ahead

Learn how to cope with the loss of loved ones due to Alzheimer's dementia, or ways to support family members that have lost loved ones.
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Not Sure Where to Begin?

Join our Caregiver Contact service, so that our Caregiver Coaches can give you expert guidance when you need it most.

Learn more about our Respite Voucher program, so that you and your loved one can get the support you need.

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The answers you need, right at your fingertips.

The Press Box

A regularly-updated blog that provides updates on Game Plan, unveils new features, and highlights upcoming events.

Game Plan Database

A resource of recommended products, services, and utilities, all guaranteed to be dementia-friendly.

Support Groups

You don't have to do this alone. Get personal advice from other caregivers during a support group near you.

Our Partnerships

Learn about the companies and groups that support us, or learn how to become a Dementia-Friendly Partner.

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