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Our Game Plan is...

Our Game Plan is...

What's Your Game Plan?

Game Plan for Senior Care is our vision of a unified, caregiver-oriented collection of services and support tools for those suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Through Game Plan, we hope to empower dementia caregivers and caregivers-to-be around the world.


We work with local and national businesses to curate a database of products and services that are certified dementia-friendly.


Using tools we provide, caregiving services and other providers are trained in up-to-date methods for providing care for those with dementia.

Constant Contact

Our resources are community-oriented, and evolve based on feedback from caregivers and service providers alike.

How Can We Help?

Forward Progress

A regularly-updated blog that provides updates on Game Plan, unveils new features, and highlights upcoming events or activities.
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Game Plan Database

An ever-growing resource of recommended products, services, and utilities, all guaranteed to be dementia-friendly.
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Our Partnerships

Learn about the companies and groups that support us, or learn how to become a Dementia-Friendly Partner.
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