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What Will My Donation Do?

Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, our services are provided at no cost to caregivers and their families

Resource Impact

"There's no substitute for good preparation."
"Coach" Frank Broyles

The core of our Game Plan is information. Providing experiences, solutions, tips, and advice to caregivers in crisis at no cost is the most important step in helping caregivers overcome the difficulties of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s.

Every donation, no matter the size, helps us equip caregivers in crisis with a game plan.

Service Impact

The fulfillment of our Game Plan is through outreach. Meeting with caregivers in crisis, either in their homes or at group sessions, provides a critical outlet for advice and support. Conferences, caregiver coaching, and other public events allow us to maximize the number of people we can reach, all at no cost to them.

Every donation, no matter the size, enables us to reach farther into the communities that need us most.