Respite Care Vouchers

What is a Respite Care Voucher?

Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease enrolled in our Respite Care Program will have regular opportunities to engage in planned monthly activities while their loved one participates in support group, counseling and/or coaching. Pre-registration will be offered to ensure the best possible support is ready and available. A friendly face will welcome & care for all attendees. Respite activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Storytelling & Social Hour – Many older people enjoying talking about their younger years without even realizing the healthy benefits. Newspapers and conversation starters will be on-hand to improve the dialog if needed.
  • Music & Dancing – Participants will be encouraged to reminisce while listening to their favorite songs or musicals. We may also play name that tune with old CDs, records or a playlist.
  • Game Day – Jigsaw puzzles are useful for people with dementia because they activate both halves of the brain, enhancing the connections between them. Dominoes, bingo, word puzzles, checkers and Connect-4 are other games to keep participants engaged.
  • Light Exercise & Meditation – Squeezy balls are ideal for building hand strength, which supports general manual dexterity. Silk scarves, mini bean bags and inflatable beach balls will be used for throwing and catching. Floor basketball, dart ball and light dancing games are other activities we will utilize to keep it fun.
  • Aromatherapy – Participants will be guided through constructive scent exercises to recall memories and process emotions.
  • Creative Art Exercise- Participants will work collectively or individually to construct a joy box.


Respite Care Vouchers will be allotted in $500 increments, with enrollment on a month-to-month basis. Caregivers that receive a voucher will receive the services outlined above at no cost.

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