Love is a word that completely engulfs Valentine’s Day. For most, that love is a more romantic type of love, with flowers, dates, candies, all the things that one thinks of when Valentine’s Day is mentioned. As a caregiver, with the condition of your loved one progressing, unconditional love is the more common type of love that can be shown to your family member on this special holiday. During this time, your loved one may ask to be “taken home” in some conversations. As a caregiver, you may feel lost or alone in this instance because they are “home” in a sense by being with you, whether it be in their physical home that they may be speaking of or not. Showing your loved one that unconditional love, even when they are asking to “go home”, is essential. That love could be played out in many ways. One important way could just be by letting your loved one know that, you are not leaving them and that you love them, no matter what. That simple affirmation can go a long way when showing them love. Another way of showing them love is to make sure that familiarity and comfort are a part of their every day routine. This could be by sharing brief stories about home or just making sure that there is a shared similar ground between the two of you. For Valentine’s Day specifically, a form of unconditional love could be sharing stories of past Valentine’s Days that you have experienced with your loved one. This type of dialogue could bring about the love that was shared from those fond memories. Another form of that love could take shape would be by getting out old anniversary pictures or letters that may have been written to remember those times of more “romantic” love. No matter what the circumstance this holiday, or any time, showing your loved one unconditional love is so important to their well-being and your relationship with them as their caregiver.

Happy Valentine’s Day!